After 15 years of touring on the road, Sebas settled his music activities at Torö Skolan. The school is an ideal place for artists with a lot of live mileage, who in the current music business have little time (and money) to spend significant efforts on writing, rehearsing and recording new material.

At Torö Skolan, you find a spacious live room, possibilities for try-outs with a small audience, a full top-notch recording rig, and the calmness, space and timelessness of the beautiful nature in the archipelago around Stockholm.

The studio is aimed at three things: Writing and recording of new music, tour preparation and mixing live recordings!


Writing and recording of new music

We invite artists to spend time at Torö Skolan to write new songs and record demo versions or complete albums.

With plenty of rooms for lodging (and good beds!), kitchens, bath rooms and 8300 square meter of playground available, this is the ideal place to focus on a creative process without the burdens of being locked in a studio. Full infrastructure is available to play with a large band in nice acoustics in our live room that is the former gymnastics hall.

You can play with wedges or headphones depending on what you prefer, with a separate monitor desk, just like in a live setting. A very nice microphone selection and 112 channels of analog mixing console in 2 flavours is available and can be connected in various configurations for multi-tracking.

Most importantly, you can feel relaxed and at home while making gorgeous music.


Tour preparation

Rehearsing the songs, the set, the show and the stage. All of this is possible, even with some options for flying!


Mixing live recordings

With 15 years of touring and mixing many radio shows under the belt, Sebas loves to work on live recordings to create mixes that have an impact and feel like you were there.With today’s abundant availability of MADI streams and interfaces for recording, it is easier than ever to record a few shows of the tour.

Mixing live shows however is an art, as many studio engineers struggle with the amount of crosstalk and the understanding of live dynamics and feel.