Welcome to the Ceramics Studio at Torö Skola located in our ‘Pysselhuset’!

The studio is equipped with all the essential ingredients for pottery: kilns, pottery wheels, a wide variety of glazings, pottery tools, stoneware clay…and a good sense of humor. We organize group ceramics courses on demand, which requires a minimum of 6 participants and is about 3 hours and costs 400 sek/pp incl. a coffee break. Throughout the year, on Sundays we have the studio open for those that would like to throw pottery unassisted (but have a ceramics drivers license). During the fall/winter season you need to book yourself in on a ‘dreja själv’ event so we open and heat up the studio.  When you are ready to glaze your ceramic, book a ‘dreja själv’ event and note done that you are coming to glaze…or send us a signal!

Costs for doing pottery at our studio

Ceramics ‘driver license course’ (körkortkurs): 250 SEK/pp (kids up to 12 years of age are free of charge and only pay for firing). During summer we give these courses 2-4 times a week, throughout the year we have planned events each month. In case you have a larger group that wants to do a pottery course and you would like to book another date: please contact us directly!

Open studio (öppen verkstad): 100 sek/hour (free for kids up to 12 years)

Firing costs (incl. material): 100 sek/kg – bisk fire, 150 sek/kg – glaze fire

Some more info

We use a red Scandinavian stoneware clay in the studio, which has a high chamotte content. This reduces the risk of cracks during drying and firing and is very forgiving for the starting potter. We have other stoneware clays in the studio, for instance white with low or no chamotte content. This makes for a ‘smoother’ clay on your hands, but requires more expertise when throwing. However, as the red clay will be the recommended clay during open studio events, you’ll have to pay attention to working very clean, as it would be easy to get red clay spots on your white clay.

For fall season ’23 we allow those that have acquired their körkort under the year. If you do not have one yet, book yourself in at one of our keramik körkort courses! The ceramics körkort needs to be renewed each year.